Sep 19, 2018
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Heavy Metal Machines Gift Key Giveaway!

Written by has been given a limited number of gift keys for Heavy Metal Machines – the all new free to play Car Battle MOBA that unites unique gameplay on a post-apocalyptic world of Heavy Metal!  This key will give players skins, characters and xp boosts!

This key will grant a player:

  • Two in-game characters
  •  Two new skins
  • Three day XP boost
About Heavy Metal Machines
Heavy Metal Machines is a one-­of-­a-­kind 4v4 multiplayer arena combat game where two teams battle it out across three deadly arenas to be the first to score a goal and destroy their opponent’s base. Players choose from a roster of psychotic post-apocalyptic road warriors with each over-the-top personality bringing their own unique death machine, delivering a distinct style of gameplay with awesome upgrades and customizations to match. Over a dozen vehicles are available, dealing destruction while being accompanied by a dynamic, mood­setting heavy metal soundtrack. Having launched on January 2017 into Steam Early Access, Heavy Metal Machines is currently in open beta with over 800,000 downloads so far.IFrame

Why Heavy Metal Machines rocks:

  • Free-to-play MOBA: 4v4 multiplayer car battle with a heavy metal theme.
  • A Legend Reborn: Narrated by Larry Huffman, of Rock ’n Roll Racing.
  • Hordes of Road Warriors: More than 800.000 downloads worldwide.
  • Choose your role from three main classes: Interceptor, Support, and Transporter.
  • Thirteen Deadly Drivers: 13 playable characters with their own characteristics and backstories. From Little Monster, a child hell-bent on seeking revenge for the death of her father, to Dirt Devil, a pirate leader from the Wastelands who hunts the giant sandworm that cost him an arm and an eye.
  • Three Hellish Arenas: Temple of Sacrifice, Metal God Arena, and the Cursed Necropolis already available to play.
  • Just the Beginning: More content constantly updated and new characters, arenas and game modes on the way.
  • eSports Championships: Planned competitive tournaments featuring cash-prizes to fuel the game’s eSports scene.
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