Aug 10, 2018
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Travian: Legends – Path to Pandora Beta Keys!

Written by has been given keys for Travian: Legends that gives players early access to the beta test for their latest content update “Path to Pandora” which gives many new exciting features such as new tribes, new visuals and more!  Get your key now and check it out!

About Travian: Legends

Travian: Legends is renowned for bringing the massive multiplayer online experience to over 100 million players around the world in over 40 languages since 2004. Travian: Legends is a strategy browser game classic at heart: Players start off with a small village and expand a prospering empire by executing smart strategies and interacting in trade and diplomacy with other players.

Additionally, fierce battles over valuable resources, villages and tactical locations are fought. Main objective is to claim total victory of the server and end the match.

Path to Pandora Special Information

The game’s long-lasting success can be accredited largely to its amazing community of players all

over the world. And once a year, the annual special surprises players with exciting new features.

2018 is no exception and delivers with Travian: Path to Pandora a whole new level of strategic


Highlights of the Travian: Path to Pandora feature list are

  • Choose from five unique tribes: Players can choose to start the game as Romans, Teutons, Gauls, Huns or Egyptians. Each tribe offers its’ unique playstyle and strategic options.
  • New visuals for villages: A major visual overhaul provides each tribe with a new look for their buildings to capture the individual flair of those ancient civilizations.
  • New conquering mechanic: Until now players in Travian: Legends were limited to the tribe they chose in the beginning. If for example a Roman player would conquer a village of the other tribes he would still only be able to produce Roman units and buildings in this conquered village. This lies now in the past!

In Travian: Path to Pandora conquered villages will keep their original tribe. This allows players to combine troops from up to five tribes and to try out totally new strategies.

Free Beta Keys

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